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03 English novels

Of Saris & GRAPEFRUIT By Rukmani Attygalle,The Moon in the Water by Ameena HusseinAll the Lives we never Lived by Anuradha Roy..
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07 Best History Book You Will Ever Read in Sinhala - අද්විතීය ඉතිහාස පොත් හතක්

Lankawa:Pruthugeesi Yugaya(Ceylon: The Portuguese Era)-ලංකාව: පෘතුගීසි යුගය  -  Paul E. Peirs-පෝල් ඊ. පීරිස්- Abhaya Hewawasam-අභය හේවාවසම්Lankawe Pruthugeesi Yugaya(Ceylon The Portugue..

1971 කැරලිකරුවන් සිව් දෙනෙකුගේ සත්‍ය අත්දැකීම් ගෙනන කෘති පහක්.

Rs.1,900/- Rs.2,080/-
යූ.ආර්. පෙරේරා, අම්බලන්ගොඩ පියසිරි ගුණරත්න, වෛද්‍ය බණ්ඩාර ජයවීර සහ සැම්සන් ගුණතිලක..

3 books on Sri Lankan cricket

The Unforgettables by Rex Clementine - Rs.1,000/- Cricket, Lovely Cricket - Rs.350/-Incursions And Excursions In And Around Sri Lankan Cricket by Michael Roberts - Rs.1,500/-..
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3 books on Tax by a former Deputy Commissioner

What Constitutes an Adventure or Concern in the Nature of Trade for Tax Purposes - Rs.450/-A Critical Appraaisal of Some Aspects of Income Tax - Rs.560/- A Glimpse into Tax Evasion - Rs.800/-..
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550 Jataka Stories - Edited by Prof. Ranjini Obeyesekera

550 Jataka Stories - Edited by Prof. Ranjini ObeyesekeraTranslated from the 14th Century Sinhala Version.Price Rs 3000/- Islandwide Free Delivery [SriLanka]Jathaka Stories - Volume 1 Rs.1,500/- Jathak..

66 Law - 66 නීතිය

Pages : 439 Language : Sinhala ( Judjgments in English ) Binding: Hard Binding..

A Commentary on Civil Procedure Code and Civil Law in Sri Lanka Vol. 1 & 2

A Commentary on Civil Procedure Code and Civil Law in Sri Lanka Vol. 1 & 2By Dr. U.L. Abdul Majeed (Former High Court Judge)..
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A Modern Treatise on the Law of Delict (Tort) - by U.L.Abdul Majeed

Pages : 962Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..

All books of Rev. Rerukane Chandawimala thero | රේරුකානේ චන්දවිමල මහනාහිමි කෘති 26

අභිධර්ම මාර්ගය - Rs.370/-අභිධර්මාර්ථ සංග්‍රහය - Rs.190/-  අභිධර්‌මයේ මූලික කරුණු - Rs.240/- බෞද්ධයාගේ අත්පොත - Rs.350/-බෝධි පූජාව - Rs.150/- බෝධිපාක්ෂික ධර්ම විස්තරය - Rs.270/-  බුද්ධ නීත..

Assembling Ethnicities in Neoliberal Times by Nimanthi Perera Rajasingham

Rs.1,850/- Rs.2,000/-
Pages : Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..

Award-Winning English Novels by Sri Lankan Female Writers

Rs.1,650/- Rs.1,800/-
Softly, As I Leave You by Chandani Lokuge  - Winner of the Godage Award.One late spring morning, Uma awakens to a life in which her relationships – to lover, to husband, to son – seem unbearably ..

Banishment and Belonging: Exile and Diaspora in Sarandib, Lanka and Ceylon by Ronit Ricci

Lanka, Ceylon, Sarandib: merely three disparate names for a single island? Perhaps. Yet the three diverge in the historical echoes, literary cultures, maps and memories they evoke. Names that have int..
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Bauddha Shabdakoshaya - 1-2 - බෞද්ධ ශබ්දකෝෂය - 1-2 (අ-න්‍ය) (ප-ළ)

Rs.3,200/- Rs.3,500/-
බෞද්ධ ශබ්දකෝෂය - 1 Pages: 1-904 | Hard Bindingබෞද්ධ ශබ්දකෝෂය - 2 Pages: 904-1742 | Hard Bindingත්‍රිපිටකයේ එන ඕනෑම සූත්‍රයක් ධර්ම කරුණක් සදහන් වන්නේ කොහිද එයින් දෙන මූලික අදහස කුමක්ද ආදී විස්තර අකාරාද..

Beautiful 04 Story books for children

Rs.1,325/- Rs.1,500/-
(i) Ravana's Daughter by Nidishka Aloysius(ii) The Firebird by Chithra Fernando(iii) Milk Rice by Ameena Hussein(iv) The First Teacher by Chingiz AitmatovGood for children aged 9-15..

Beautiful stories for children

Rs.1,350/- Rs.1,600/-
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Buddhist Ecclesiastical Law

Pages : 810Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..
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Buddhist Pack 01

Rs.2,086/- Rs.2,455/-
Vishakavo - විශාඛාවෝ - Anula Premathilaka - අනුලා ප්‍රේමතිලක Asirimath Wassana Samaya - අසිරිමත් වස්සාන සමය - Rev. Nawagaththegama Sugathawansa Thero - නවගත්තේගම සුගතවංස හිමි Atamaha Pinkam - අටමහ ප..

Cabral's Company Law Reports (1881 - 2021) Vol - i - ii - iii - iv

Pages : 1 - 660 , 661 - 1322 , 1323 - 1974, 1975 - 2636Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..

Caste in Sri Lanka

From Avcient Times to th Present DayPages : 430Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..

Crafting your research for management students

Starting Off - Book 1 - 850/-Understanding Research Philosophy and Design - Book 2  - 960/- Collecting and Analysing Data - Book 3 - 850/- Writing and Presenting - Book 4 - 960/-..
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Cross - Currents

Pages : 1255Language : English Binding: Hard Binding..

Denuwara Nawathuma - දෙනුවර නැවතුම

Rs.675/- Rs.750/-
Pages : 371Language : Sinhala Binding: Soft Binding..
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