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A Complete Illustrated History of Sri Lanka by Anton Sebastian

Pages : 684Language : English Binding: Hard Binding..

Aesthetic And Cultural Aspects Of Ambakke Devalaya In Kandy by R.C.De.S. Manukulasooriya

Pages : 182Language : EnglishBinding: Hard Binding..

Bawa - The Sri Lanka Gardens

Pages : 176Language : EnglishBinding: Soft Binding..

Creating Simplicity by Anura Ratnavibhushana

Pages : 486Language : EnglishBinding: Hard Binding..
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Essaying Cricket- Sri Lanka and beyond (The 138 th copy of 600 prints and signed by Michael Roberts)

Rs.4,500/- Rs.5,300/-
This is a compilation of articles on Sri Lankan cricket and its historical developments. The book includes rare pictures of Sri Lankan cricketers, cricketing events, and some scorecards. This is a rar..

Flowering Plants - Commonly Encountered In Sri Lankan Habitats

Pages : 216Language : EnglishBinding: Hard Binding..

Killota or Chunam (Lime) Boxes by P.H.D.H. De Silva

Pages : 182Language : EnglishBinding: Hard Binding..

Mr. Bawa, I Presume by Giovanna Silva

Pages : Language : EnglishBinding: Soft Binding..

Paradise in Tears

Pages : Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..
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The Golden Rock Temple of Dambulla by Anuradha Seneviratna

Pages : 117Language : English Binding: Hard Binding..

The Kandy Asala Perahara by Anuradha Seneviratna

Pages : 39Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..
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The Rock and Wall Paintings of Sri Lanka By Prof. Senaka Bandaranayaka

The Rock and Wall Paintings of Sri Lanka written by Prof. Senaka Bandaranayaka, covers paintings from the early ages, as in prehistoric art, and follows the different stages in which it can be seen, d..

The Struggle For Victory 1944-45

Rs.15,000/- Rs.20,000/-
දෙවැනි ලෝක සංග්‍රමයේ බිහිසුනු ඉතිහාසය පිළිබද ලියැවුනු පොත් පෙළක 4 වැනි සහ අවසාන කෘතියයි. යුද්ධයේ අවසානය ලගා කර ගැනීම උදෙසා බටහිරින් මාස 11 ක කාලයක් පුරා දියත් කෙරුන මෙහෙයුම මගින් අවසානයෙ ජර්මනිය ද..
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