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A Voyage In Sri Lankan Design by Tilak Samarawickrema

Pages : 264Language : EnglishBinding: Hard Binding..
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Aesthetic And Cultural Aspects Of Ambakke Devalaya In Kandy by R.C.De.S. Manukulasooriya

Pages : 182Language : EnglishBinding: Hard Binding..
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Bawa - The Sri Lanka Gardens By David Robson - Dominic Sansoni

Pages : 176Language : EnglishBinding: Soft Binding..
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Creating Simplicity by Anura Ratnavibhushana

Pages : 486Language : EnglishBinding: Hard Binding..
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Kandalama - The Untold Story by Prema Cooray

KANDALAMA – THE UNTOLD STORYChapter 1: A blue chip’s vision to expand the tourism horizonChapter 2: Bawa the Genius, Design hoghlightsChapter 3: Award of contractChapter 4: Preliminary work beginsCha..
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Mr. Bawa, I Presume by Giovanna Silva

Pages : Language : EnglishBinding: Soft Binding..
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