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We at SLBOOKS.LK and SLBOOKS are fully concerned of our customer’s right to privacy and do always protect and uphold that right. We collect customer’s private information and data only when and if you visit SLBOOKS.LK or SLBOOKs begin communication, placing orders and making inquiries. In the process SLBOOKS.LK collects name, address, email and telephone contacts details. We at SLBOOKS.LK use those private information primarily to make sure effective and timely service delivery is done. Secondly, we use some of those information from time to time to analyze SLBOOKS.LK cutomer base and its geographical distribution. Thirdly, we at SLBOOKs.LK will use your contact details for future communications with regard to latest and upcoming releases, events such as book launchs.

We do not use those information to speculate or presume likings, reading habits, attitudes or personal interests in genre of books and we do not let anyone withn the SLBOOKS.LK and SLBOOK talk about, discuss or engage in any conversation on personal interests of any individual customer who visit SLBOOKS.LK

We will not let any third party to access or know your personal interests, your communications with SLBOOKS and your affiliations.
By using SLBOOKS.LK and SLBOOKS you deem to have accepted the SLBOOKS.LK privacy policy. For further clarifications if any feel to contact us at [email protected]