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10 : 34 - by Aditha Dissanayake

Pages : 255Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..

A 16th Century Clash of Civilizations: The Portuguese Presence in Sri Lanka - by Susantha Goonatilaka

This book puts into the centre social epistemology and the issue of civilizations interacting. It takes a non-Eurocentric perspective. It goes against the dry narratives of British empiricism and proc..

A Complete Illustrated History of Sri Lanka by Anton Sebastian

Pages : 684Language : English Binding: Hard Binding..

A History of Sri Lanka - by K.M. De Silva

Pages : 782Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..
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A Photographic Field Guide to the Birds of Sri Lanka - by Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne

Pages : 300Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..

An Explosion in the Parliament of Sri Lanka by Prof. Ravindra Fernando

Pages : 77Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..

Basic Japanese Kanji 538

Pages : 254Language : Japanese Binding: Soft Binding..

Bauddha Pavidisi Neethiya - බෞද්ධ පැවිදිසි නීතිය

Pages : 169Language : Sinhala Binding: Soft Binding..
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Being A Tamil and Sri Lankan

Pages : 325Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..

Betwixt Isles

The Story of the Kandyan Prisoners in MauritiusPages : 360Language : English Binding: Hard Binding..

British Governors of Ceylon by H.A.J. Hulugalle

Pages : 422Language : EnglishBinding: Soft Binding..

Confrontations with Colonialism

This book covers the colonial period of 1760-1920  detailing facts and information of resistance, revivalism and reform under British rue in Sri Lanka. It is a critical examination of ideological..

Creating Simplicity by Anura Ratnavibhushana

Pages : 486Language : EnglishBinding: Hard Binding..
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Essaying Cricket- Sri Lanka and beyond (The 138 th copy of 600 prints and signed by Michael Roberts)

Rs.4,500/- Rs.5,300/-
This is a compilation of articles on Sri Lankan cricket and its historical developments. The book includes rare pictures of Sri Lankan cricketers, cricketing events, and some scorecards. This is a rar..

Finding Sinhabahu By Dr. Ajith Amarasinghe

An analysis of the early history of Sri Lanka documented in ancient chroniclesPages : 334Language : English Binding: Soft BindingBased on the contents of 2nd Century B.C. inscriptions, 5th C..

Flowers of Sri Lanka

Pages : 176Language : EnglishBinding: Soft Binding  ..

Galle as Quiet as Asleep

Pages : 499Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..
Out Of Stock

Hand is the Mirror of Life

Pages : 205Language : English Binding: Soft Binding..

Intercultural Communication Japanese Culture Part - 1 - Dilrukshi Rathnayaka

Pages : 102Language : English - Sinhala - JapanBinding: Soft Binding..

Kadol Aththu-කඩොල් ඇත්තු

කඩොල් ඇත්තු කෘතියට පාදක වන්නේ සෙන්පති මේජර් ජෙනරාල් කමල් ගුණරත්නයන් සමග යුධ බිමේ සිටි  සෙබළුන් අත්විදි අත්දැකීම් අතර රැදුණු අතිශය අනුවේදනීය කතා පුවත් රුසක එකතුවකි.Pages : 421Language : Sinhala ..
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